The Rural Municipality Of Malpeque Bay

The first official meeting of the incorporated Malpeque Bay Community was held at the Malpeque Hall on July 4th, 1973. The geographic boundaries included the seven school districts of Baltic, Darnley, Hamilton, Malpeque, Indian River, Sea View and Spring Valley.

The original intent of the Council was to operate a community dump, setting the tax rate, as well as offering services such as fire protection, garbage disposal and issuing unsightly premises statements.

Today's Council may also apply to implement mosquito/blackfly control programs, has dealt with the establishment of 911 and the renaming of roadways within the community, and continues to provide fire protection, animal control, gives stipend to women's institutes in the area for maintenance and upkeep of their signs and provides a small bursary to all graduating students at Kensington Intermediate Senior High School. A wreath is also laid annually at the cenotaph in Malpeque on behalf of all community residents. A newsletter is run in the local County Line Courier on an as needed basis.

Other activities include support for wildlife habitat improvement and stream and river enhancement programs, erosion control and prevention by the implementation of a tree row planting program ( the first such operated program on P.E.I. ).

Building permits are now authorized through the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs although for subdivision of land permits they are routed through the council so that they are aware of the plans and have an opportunity to comment.

Many of our councillors sit on various other committees within the area. All councillors volunteer their time and talents. The Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay office is run from the Administrators home and the meetings are held there as well, with the exception of the financial planning meeting and the annual meeting. Residents are encouraged to contact their councillor anytime they have a question or concern.

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