Greetings Malpeque Historical Society Members
Keir Memorial Museum Supporters
and the Public
As President of the Society, I hope all of you reading this are faring well health wise, and dealing with the various stressors related to the COVID -19 pandemic we as Islanders, have had to endure. There continues to be much speculation as to what a "new normal" might look like! After a May, 2020 Board of Directors meeting, I thought as a Society member you would appreciate a brief update on where things stand in relation to a 2020 summer program at, and for, the Keir Memorial museum. Thankfully volunteer Directors remain healthy and active but after discussion have determined that the best course of action for the museum this summer is to shut down daily operations:

There are three principal reasons for this:
    1. Social distancing, Staff and, Public safety concerns
    2. Facility hygiene challenges as well as artifact care and maintenance
    3. Availability of a tourism base of sufficient size to justify daily operations.
I also take this opportunity to provide further information on other issues your Board has been dealing with; some related to COVID-19 some not.

  • Your Board is happy to report that due to the generosity of particular museum members in terms of charitable donations received in 2019, our bank balance is more robust than in the recent past.
  • The grant funding available to operate our facility has not been secured for 2020 due to unclear application criteria and, uncertainty regarding funding availability.
  • Staffing was an issue this year due to the retirement of Wendy Richards as curator and, limited prospects for hiring a student for the entire summer.
  • Mrs. Susan MacDonald, of the Malpeque/Darnley community has agreed to act in the curator capacity when situations normalize.
  • Mrs. Yvonne Gillespie has retired as Treasurer.
  • Mr. Michael Pasateri has accepted the role as replacement. He is doing a fine job in replacing shoes that were hard to fill. Existing Executive & Director Positions remain unchanged.
  • Ongoing exterior site maintenance will continue and there are still structural repairs to be made caused by hurricane like conditions last September, 2019.
  • The Board of Directors has cancelled the summer speaker program and special community events such as Oyster Day.
  • Jeff Caseley, Spring Valley will run a summer business from the Cabot Park lighthouse.
  • There is an opportunity to continue capital upgrades to lighting inside the museum and, depending on funding, digitize internal historical documentation and improve the museum display area(s). These items are currently under active discussion by our Board of Directors.
As President, I hope you will understand our rationale for closing this summer. We do appreciate your ongoing commitment to support the Society and related museum programming. Thank you for your patience. If by chance you have a special request for Museum or Society access, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of Directors.

Thank you for your patience.

MJ Delaney - President        1 (902) 836-3054