The Keir Memorial Museum

Take the time to visit our museum. It's just a short distance from Cabot Provincial Park.

Our museum is very unique because it is housed in the former Keir Memorial Presbyterian Church, which was built in 1927 and closed in 1983.

It is rich in artifacts that tell about the cultural life of the residents as well as the fishing and farming implements used by them.
Who was the Reverend John Keir

Rev. John Keir came to Prince Edward Island as a missionary under the auspices of the General Associate Synod, Scotland. He was a scholar, teacher, theologian and preacher. He was called by Presbytery to Malpeque to preach, and this began a most remarkable pastorate which lasted for fifty years.

He was ordained in 1810 and was the first protestant ordination on Prince Edward Island. The first presbytery on Prince Edward Island was organized with Dr. Keir as moderator in 1821. He organized the Princetown Literary and Scientific Society and Library, which were the first on the Island.

In 1843, he became the first Principal Professor of Theology in the Presbyterian Divinity Collage. Classes were held in his home until the present Pine Hill Divinity Hall in Halifax was built. He continued to be the Professor of Pine Hill from 1843 to 1858.

Malpeque has had the distinction of having continuous church services longer than any other congregation on the Island. Malpeque has been called the cradle of Presbyterianism on Prince Edward Island.

Our Museum is Open
for 2021!

We are pleased to be open this year after being closed for 2020. Drop by to see our unique exhibits with something to interest everyone.

Hours of operation are:
Monday - Saturday 9 to 5, Sunday - 12 to 5.

Oyster Days - August 7, 12 to 3 (An afternoon of community reconnection) We will be offering for sale Shucked Malpeque Oysters, Steamed Island Blue Mussels, and Hot Dogs.

Live local entertainment and craft tables also available. The Malpeque Historical Society will be selling tickets on a basket filled with local items.

Antique Hearse
Princetown Church Hearse

A unique part of the heritage to Princetown is the existence of a horse drawn hearse. It is a vehicle of moderate size, made of glass and wood paneled construction.

The body of the hearse was interchangeable, mounted on a wheeled chassis for the summer months and transferred to a bobsled chassis for the winter.

The hearse is on loan at Keir Memorial Museum where it is in view to the public.

Click here to see     more of our artifacts!

Malpeque Historical Society
The Keir Memorial Museum is a project of the Malpeque Historical Society. whose mission is to care for, enhance and promote exhibits; to develop special projects with historical significance for the benefit of Islanders and visitors alike, that reflect the culture, diversity, values, and heritage of the area, with special emphasis on maintaining linkages to the primary resource sectors which have profoundly influenced the development of the community's character over the years.


You will find us on Route # 20.
Drive to Malpeque and turn east at the corner.
We are the second building on the right, across the street from the Princetown United Church.        1 (902) 836-3054