The next meeting of the Malpeque Bay Community Council is Wed.,
May 19, 2021 at 7 pm Kensington Town Chambers.

Council has maintained the 7.5 cent municipal tax rate for another year.


Did you know you can go online to check out P.E.I. road conditions, apply for a marriage certificate, register for GED testing ... and access many more Government services?
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An Expression of Interest request is being made to see who would like to take on the redevelopment of the Hamilton Hall.
All interested people, please contact Jimmy Carruthers at 992-836-5339.


Any resident who may require assistance during this Pandemic is asked to call Joanne at 902-836-5029 or one of the members of Council. We will do our best to help you out.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of the disease; runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever, difficulty breathing (severe cases) please call 811 and they will triage and direct you appropriately. Stay well.

Below is a link to Provincial Government updates on COVID-19:

From left to right...Wayne Crosby, Herb Clark, Ghislaine Duplain,
Paul Brown, Brian McKinnon and Ted Andrews

The 2019 Malpeque Bay Community Councillors are:
  • Paul Brown, Mayor - 902-432-4704
  • Herb Clark, Deputy Mayor - 902-888-9645
  • Ghislaine Duplain, Councillor - 902-388-1442
  • Ted Andrews, Councillor - 902-888-9608
  • Brian McKinnon, Councillor - 902-598-8531
  • Wayne Crosby, Councillor - 902-448-3203
  • McCarvill Joanne - Administrator 902-836-5029
  • Email:

    The Municipal tax rate for the fiscal year 2019-2020 remains at 6 1/2 cents per $100 of assessed value.

    Council meets six times a year and receives a small stipend. Some of the items the former Council was working on includes the completion of our Official Plan, the development of an Emergency Measures Plan and is researching options that may be available to the community to bring reliable internet to all residents of Malpeque Bay.

    We would like to hear your ideas. If you are interested in being part of your community council, please contact Joanne McCarvill at 902-836-5029 or email

  • Community Funding Available

    All applications must meet the criteria listed on the schedules.
    For further information contact Joanne McCarvill 902-836-5029
    or one of the Members of Council.

    Why PEI?

    includes the seven school districts of Baltic, Darnley, Hamilton, Malpeque, Indian River, Sea View and Spring Valley.

    Farming, fishing and tourism make up a large part of the local industries.

    The lovely beaches along the shores are a huge drawing point to tourists around the world.

    There is an abundance of quality accommodations, golf courses, fresh local seafood, Malpeque oysters, lobster, mussels & fresh organic vegetables. Life is good, so come and stay in Malpeque Bay!

    Malpeque Bay is one of 36 sites in Canada, designated as Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Sites). It is a coastal lagoon system protected from the open sea (Gulf of St. Lawrence) by a 25-km long coastal sandspit and dune formation.

    The Bay is a nesting site for the globally threatened wader, the "Piping Plover". It is also an important staging area for very large numbers of geese and ducks during spring and autumn migration periods. For more information about Birding on P.E.I. , click here.

    To request a copy of the P.E.I.
    Visitors Guide & Highway Map,
    Value Vacations & Coupon Book.

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