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Wednesday, August 1, 7PM - Venue TBA

Monday, Nov 5, 2018 Community Election Poll (details to follow)       

Any additional meetings will be advertised in the County Line Courier, on our Face Book page and on our Web Site as required by the MGA.

The Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay AED's

Recently, the Council for the Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay purchased AEDs for a number of community organizations. These AED's are available and residents can contact the following local hall administrators to access the units in the event of an emergency.

AED's are available at the following locations:

Spring Valley Hall - contact Derwin and Shelley Cole

Sea View Hall - contact Norma and Sterling Murphy

Princetown United Church - contact Church administrator

Malpeque Hall - contact Joyce Bryenton

Keir Memorial Museum - available June-September - contact Museum administrator

This easy to use AED is designed specifically for the first person responding to a person having a cardiac arrest and allows organizations to help area residents and visitors in such an event.

The unit is easy to operate, safe and requires no medical background in order to use. The defibrillator provides step-by-step instructions via prompts from a calm, confident clear voice.

In order to allow for easy access to these units, Council also purchased keyless lock entry systems for the buildings. Mike James, Owner/Operator of Castle Spring Valley provided Council with a discount that made the purchase possible.


    One of our Community Halls will be the perfect place to hold your wedding/baby showers, anniversaries, family reunions, meetings, ceilidhs, etc. Check out these lovely locations and give us a call!
Malpeque Community Hall
2205 Rte 20, Malpeque
Joyce Bryanton
Call: 902-836-3965
Spring Valley Community Hall
1234 Spring Valley Road, Rte 102
Derwin and Shelley Cole
Call: 902-836-5118
Sea View Community Hall
3749 Rte 20, Sea View
Norma and Stirling Murphy
Call: 902-836-5113

The Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay donates LIFEPAK CR Plus Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) to Spring Valley and Sea View Halls

Pictured above from left to right are Weldon Caseley (Spring Valley Hall), Donnie Adams (Sea View Hall), Jamie Crozier, Chairman and Herb Clark Vice Chairman (Community of Malpeque Bay)

The Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay donates LIFEPAK CR Plus Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) to Keir Memorial Museum.

Pictured are Herb Clark, Vice Chairman, Jamie Crozier, Chairman, Community of Malpeque Bay, Wendy Richards, and Michael Delaney from Keir Memorial Museum.
The unit will be maintained at the Museum during their open season and will then be available at Princetown United Church.

The Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay donates LIFEPAK CR Plus Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) to Princetown United Church.

Pictured are Herb Clark, Vice Chairman Community of Malpeque Bay, George MacKay and Michael Delaney representing Princetown United Church and Jamie Crozier Chairman for the Community of Malpeque Bay.
The unit will be maintained at the Church during the winter months and will then be available at Keir Memorial Museum during the summer months.

The Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay donates LIFEPAK CR Plus Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) to Malpeque Community Hall.

Pictured are Herb Clark, Vice Chairman Community of Malpeque Bay, Joyce Bryenton, President, Malpeque WI and Jamie Crozier, Chairman Community of Malpeque Bay.
The unit will be maintained at the community hall and residents are encouraged to contact one of their Hall Directors/Trustees for further information.

The Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay donates LIFEPAK CR Plus Automated External Defibrillators (AED's) to Community Halls, Keir Memorial Museum and Princetown United Church.

Pictured above from left to right are Wendy Richards (Keir Memorial Museum), Joyce Bryenton (Malpeque WI) Herb Clark and Jamie Crozier (Vice Chairman and Chairman, Community of Malpeque Bay), Donnie Adams (Sea View) Mike Delaney (Keir Memorial Museum and Princetown United Church) and Weldon Caseley, (Spring Valley).
The units will be maintained at the community halls, and one will be shared between Keir Memorial Museum (during summer months) and Princetown United Church (during winter months).

Internet Speed Testing

The Province has begun testing
internet speeds online.

A news release can be found at -
News Release - Internet Speed Testing.

To help the Province gather data on internet speeds
please perform the test at the following link
PEI Internet Speed Test


On behalf of the residents of The Rural Municipality of Malpeque Bay (Baltic, Darnley, Hamilton, Indian River, Malpeque, Sea View and Spring Valley), the Council sponsored a Flag in Remembrance of the Veterans from the community who lost their life fighting for our freedom.

128 Canadian Flags were raised at a recent dedication ceremony in Charlottetown paying tribute to Canadians who lost their lives in military service. Similar ceremonies took place in other Canadian cities.

Flags of Remembrance
Flags of Remembrance Plaque The 128 Flags are in remembrance of the 128,000 Canadian soldiers killed (116,000) or missing in action (12,000) from the Boer War to the present.

The Flags and Plaques will remain in place until November 14. The Community’s Flag and Plaque will be donated to the Keir Memorial Museum.

The flags are a spectacular display of Remembrance and you are encouraged to visit the Charlottetown Event Grounds to see that for yourself.

Pictures here show the plaque dedicated by the community and most of the 128 Flags!


Pictured here is Herb Clark, Co-Chair for the Community of Malpeque Bay standing outside the newly installed heat pump system at Malpeque Hall.

View Press Release
Herb Clark, Co-Chair for the Community of Malpeque Bay


Pictured here is Principal Rodney MacArthur receiving a donation from the Malpeque Bay Chairman, Jamie Crozier in support of a new program at the elementary school designed to ensure that all families have adequate nutrition through a weekend food program.
Jamie Crozier and Principal Rodney MacArthur
The community has also made donations to the Christmas Tree of Hope, the Community Out Reach Program (helping people with oil, electricity, food etc.) the Lion's Club Christmas Baskets, annual donation to all KISH Grads, annual sign donations to communities who put up welcome signs during the tourist season, Membership in the Keir Memorial Museum, Membership in the Kensington North Watershed Group, and the Annual Donation on Remembrance Day at the Malpeque Cenotaph.

Projects under the Notional Allocation Fund include: Heat Pumps for Malpeque Hall, Spring Valley Hall, Keir Memorial Museum, PA Systems for Malpeque and Spring Valley Hall, Sea View Academy of Music, Hiking Trail at Cabot Park.

Herb Clark at the Memory Lane intersection light

The Community of Malpeque Bay has recently contracted Maritime Electric to install street lighting in a number of areas within our community.

The areas identified as priority include: Malpeque corner, Penderosa Beach Road, Spring Valley Road and Memory Lane, Rte. 20 and 102 South, Ball field in Spring Valley, and the intersection of Rte 103 and Rte 20.

We have asked the Department of Highways to have a light installed at the corner of Rte. 20 and Rte. 104 since it has been deemed as a busy and dangerous intersection.

Community Funding Available

All applications must meet the criteria listed on the schedules.
For further information contact Joanne McCarvill 902-836-5029
or one of the Members of Council.

Why PEI?

includes the seven school districts of Baltic, Darnley, Hamilton, Malpeque, Indian River, Sea View and Spring Valley.

Farming, fishing and tourism make up a large part of the local industries.

The lovely beaches along the shores are a huge drawing point to tourists around the world.

There is an abundance of quality accommodations, golf courses, fresh local seafood, Malpeque oysters, lobster, mussels & fresh organic vegetables. Life is good, so come and stay in Malpeque Bay!

Malpeque Bay is one of 36 sites in Canada, designated as Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar Sites). It is a coastal lagoon system protected from the open sea (Gulf of St. Lawrence) by a 25-km long coastal sandspit and dune formation.

The Bay is a nesting site for the globally threatened wader, the "Piping Plover". It is also an important staging area for very large numbers of geese and ducks during spring and autumn migration periods. For more information about Birding on P.E.I. , click here.

To request a copy of the P.E.I.
Visitors Guide & Highway Map,
Value Vacations & Coupon Book.

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